Special Head Levitates

Special Head

Ever heard of Special Head?  He is a special individual with real ‘powers’.  Through the cultivation of his Mind, he has achieved proficiency in energy control.  Through this ‘harnessing’...
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Fish Bowl Theory

The Fishbowl Theory.

We think we know it all.  But a quick look at scientific fact reveals that our body only “picks up” about five percent of external reality due to its’ limited senses.  One could...
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LightCode #1

LightCode #1

LightCode– A spiritual technique that should be used daily in order to achieve a clear feeling and conceptualization of the light.   LightCode #1 Upon arising in the mourning, kneel to the...
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Energy Conversion

Ever hear of photosynthesis?  It is the process transforming energy, specifically, light energy into another form of energy.  It is by this process that the vegetative kingdom primarily grows. ...
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As the world grows, so do we here @lucilight.com.  Through the years, we have struggled to find our footing on the internet and develop our philosophical roots.  Now we are coming to fruition.   What...
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LL candle flame

Many Gods, 1 source.

Throughout history, man has worshiped God in many forms.  As a result several religions have formed.  So man is split into different factions, and they worship God with their specific sensibilities. Everything...
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The Missing Piece of the New-Age Religions.

There has recently been an enormous shift in thinking within the past 50 years. This new era I am referring to is called the New Age. Here you find tips on how to change perspectives about yourself...
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Spread the Light.

A Call to Action

The Religion of U is based on facts, logic, and human experience. “U” believes the universe evolves naturally and everything within the universe is part of evolution, thus we focus on perspectives...
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LuciLight is the Religion of the Future.

LuciLight, the religion for the future.

Where is God? What about Satan? Are we alone? What do we have to hold on to if we are truly alone? What divine purpose can we possess if their is nothing truly divine in the universe? We are God and...
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