Charlottesville, America, and Racism.

On August 12th, 2017, history was made in Charlottesville, Virginia.  On that fateful day, a woman was killed by a car that was driven by another citizen who was a male.  Both the victim and criminal...
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Aliens speak (Video).

Do you believe in Aliens?  Look around you, something is going on.  Humans at this time on planet Earth, have been conditioned to the point that they will only believe what is “officially”...
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LuciLight Year 1 Free download.
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I am Light…

I am Light, I am free My Destiny, is up to me I am strong, I am wise Time is precious, look how it flies I am here, I am there I am energy, I am everywhere I never tire, I never falter I treat my holy...
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U are evolving.

Everything is connected. Everything is transforming and changing all the time. This includes U. In this point of human evolution, people realize that we too, as humans are part of this evolution process,...
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Time matters.

Time as a dimension

Time is a dimension. Up and down is the first dimension, left and right, the 2nd, space as the 3rd, and Time is the fourth, followed by the 5th, which is a mental space/dimension. For this discussion...
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Your Life is lived 1 day at a time.

“You live your life day by day, so be careful what you fill your days with. Your experiences, actions, and emotions all add up to the sum total of your memories, so choose them wisely.” -Luci
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There is a light inside of U, find it.

“Inside of you U there is pure growth and new horizons . It is up to U to clear your mind and life of the clutter that prevents you from your seeing this, your light” -Luci
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Become the Light

Morning Energy.

How do you spend your first few moments of your day? I pose this question because often the potential of the morning is not exploited and the moments of the morning often determine your perspective...
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