Special Head

Ever heard of Special Head?  He is a special individual with real ‘powers’.  Through the cultivation of his Mind, he has achieved proficiency in energy control.  Through this ‘harnessing’ of energy he is able to perform amazing feats.

The video below features a video of him levitating.  We bring this to you so that you may have a first hand experience in exotic knowledge.  How is this feat possible?  What does this say about our understanding of the world we live in?

Earlier this century it was proven by science that their is an undeniable link between the mind, what we think, and what we perceive through our five senses, or how we experience reality.  As such, not only do our actions affect reality, but so do or thoughts.  Our thoughts apparently have links to the energy fields around us.  By controlling the mind and thoughts in a specific way, Special Head is able to manipulate the immediate world of energies around him, thus his ability to levitate.  This is just a small example of how the current world we live in is limited in perspective due to limited knowledge fields, hence the ‘Fishbowl Theory’ that we write about at LuciLight.com

Enjoy the video!,







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