Sandra Bland, America, and Racism.

In the past has been spiritually motivated.  We receive deep insights into the busy world around us, but we choose to publish the spiritual insights only.  Until now.  Politically, we understand the world and the pillars that hold it up, but one of these pillars consist of honesty, equality, and freedom.  When these rights become abused, we speak.  Today we will take a look at the ongoing problem of police brutality and human rights.

Above is a link to a video that shows a routine traffic stop of a woman named Sandra Bland.  In this video, a women is pulled from her car for refusing to follow the order of a peace officer.  His order was, “Mame, could you please put the cigarette out?”  His request was declined by the women, which results in the cop politely asking the citizen, Sandra Bland, to exit the vehicle.  After refusing to exit the vehicle, a violent struggle ensues.  Eventually, the citizen is pulled from her car, slammed on the ground and taken to jail.  Days later she is found dead in her jail cell.

What happened here?  A human being is dead.  Let us take a look at another case.  Take a look at this link:

Here, police were called to the scene of a train station in Oakland, California.  Reports had stated that a fight had broken out among passengers in the train.  After arriving to the scene, police pull the offenders from the train and attempt to subdue them along a wall in the train station.  One of the offenders, Oscar Grant, attempts to get up.  He is then shot in the back.  The police officer who shot him said he mistook his gun for his taser.

What happened here?  Once again, someone is dead because of police involvement.  This incident was made into a movie and the trailer can be found here:

So what is happening in America today?  Are these murders racially motivated?  And if so, where did this all begin?

America is a proud country.  Relatively young, America has emerged as the world’s foremost superpower despite being one of the smallest countries.  How did this come to be?

Centuries ago, it was said that America was ruled by another land, a monarch, the British Empire.  But then a small group of men banded together and began to formulate ideas of how a new land can be formed.  A land that was without independent foreign rule and that was to be ruled by a system of democracy.  This ideal was eventually achieved and America is the result.

From the start, America, had its’ problems.  Africans had been used by the American people and the British colonies for centuries.  It was said, that Africans were stolen from their land of Africa, but in truth they were sold to the British and the Americans by there own people.  Indeed, even back them, money blurred the lines between humanity and progress.

Upon arriving to America, Africans were reduced to things without rights, normal privileges, or respect.  In other words they were slaves, to be bought, sold, or traded like cattle or merchandise.  Now, America was formed in 1776, with the principles of equality and democracy as there bedrock, but yet slavery was not officially abolished until 1865.  Why? We will get to that in a minute.

After slavery was abolished, blacks still had no rights, thus ensuring the monopoly of an all-white, supremacist democracy.  It was not until a hundred years later, that blacks finally won the rights to vote and the right to integrate.  And now, here we are, 50 years from civil equality, but yet we are still having racially motivated killings, jailings, and laws.

What is going on here?  Let us be reminded that our founding fathers were mystics and philosophers.  What does this mean?  This means that they were idealist, imagining reality as it ought to be, not as it is.  So they set the groundwork for equality, but the human race is still catching up to that grand ideal.  You see these men, these philosophers with a vision, had attained great heights of intelligence, insight, and moral steadfastness, but as for the rest of the population, this was not so.

And this is America today.  Federal law is the great bar that is set for all inhabitants of America today.  But as seen in the past, Federal law can be modified, and is modified, regularly in order to assist in the general moral evolution of Mankind.  But laws are not enough.  The moral character of each human must be aided in realizing the divinity of certain laws and this divinity should in turn cleanse the soul of all good men to result in a sublime compassionate understanding of such laws.

Let us look at racism for example.  A police officer of today, or anyone for that matter, will usually have no direct inkling to racism through society.  Meaning all racial clubs, ideologies, and stances, have been publicly ridiculed.  But what about the private homes of families?  This is where racism is kept alive.  In the family dinners, the private conversations, and the subtle glances is where racism continues to spread.  Now say if this person, who has been indoctrinated in racist ideas and conversations, gains power in political office or Washington.  Racism may be illegal, but what about making the laws that benefit a certain race?  Or making laws that harm a certain race?  This is subtle racism, and this type of racism may still be in use in America today.

It is not up to the laws to change humanity but for humanity to change the laws.  America is a property.  This property has owners.  The owners of this property may or may not still hold grudges against blacks, but the fact remains, that the owners of America still look at America as its’ sole property and blacks are simply tenants renting a space, and not owning a piece of America themselves.  It is no secret that blacks are disproportionately arrested, but could the laws themselves, still be used against blacks even in this current day and age?  Even more so, are most of the lawmakers adhering to the same racist agenda?

Let’s face it.  Racism still exits.  Its views are bred in families and saturated throughout the generations of leadership in America, and even worse, throughout the general populations in America.  We, as Americans, must come to realize racism is stupid, counterproductive, and childish.  What determines the fate of any race or individual is the environment around it.  Any people can be oppressed, and then the effects of that oppression, can be applied to the whole race.  This is what has happened to the blacks.  Economically they are forced to generate independent income streams, only later to blocked by the courts by petty laws or injustices.  But any race under the same circumstances would react the same.  It is not about race here.  The aspirations, motivations, and even, goals of the black race have been set for them since they began their pilgrimage in America.

So what am I saying here?  It is a set-up.  This world of differences and inequality is merely an illusion spread by dissenters of human justice.  No matter the skin color, all humans aspire to the same things.  Historically, we have seen how countries can separate and work against a race.  Federal law has done its’ job in America as setting the standard of racial equality.  We, as the people, must now speak.  We must remember, government exists today as a result of democratic conversation and we must continue to have a conversation about relevant racial laws, prejudices, and injustices.

What about the police shootings? What is going on here?  America has attained its’ dominance of world politics through a myriad of knowledge about war, social science, and metaphysics.  They clearly understand human relationships at a very deep level.  But this is a double-edge sword.  This same knowledge is what is used to ‘hold’ America together.

U see, the recent civilian killings are an overreaction of the authorities to simple misconducts.  The authorities are afraid of losing control.  And this is as it should be.  They know without a supreme military infrastructure, that they are open to attack from other country rivals.  And this infrastructure includes a firm grasp on the minds of the masses.  But killing, is where we draw the line.  I know, I know, the message is “OBEY OR ELSE.”, but lines still need be drawn.  One must remember, that without the TRUST of the public, little can be done to sway left or right.

In police training, there needs to be clear lines drawn.  Often the danger of the police officer is exaggerated and this results in the death of a civilian.  Take a look at this link for example:

Now in this video, a high-speed chase has ended with a civilian dead.  When the cop fired the bullets, did he seem like we was in extreme danger, or any danger for that matter?  Clearly, there are other ways to subdue a suspect.  In our court of law, the death penalty is often, overturned by life in jail without parole.  But even then, the fate of the offender was decided in a court of law.  When the cop takes a life on the job, he is acting as judge, jury, and executioner.  Is this true justice?

How is all this occurring?  It has to do with the police training.  Regular people are given guns and then told to shoot at the first signs of danger.  These people are not perfect, they have hates, biases, racism’s, and personal defaults that they take to the job with them.  Some of their frustrations may aid in these senseless killings.

New protocol has to be written for police to adhere to.  They must be taught that suspects or even criminals are people too.  They are not ‘lower’ than anyone, and they have basic rights.  When a peace officer kills someone, all of these rights are forfeited immediately.  Police officers must be trained to avoid danger until ample help arrives.  And also they must be re-trained in estimating dangerous situations.  All to often a police officer fires his gun on someone running, or even someone trying to fight a police officer.  These violations of the law are clearly not worth dying for and should be treated tactfully.  Clear lines must be drawn for disobedience to police officers, but no killing of civilians must be a priority.  In this link below, a police officer fights his suspect into custody without the use of a taser or gun.

This demonstrates that police usually have more than enough resources to subdue a violent suspect WITHOUT killing them.  The moment killing the civilian suspects becomes accepted or normal is the moment we begin to lose our humanity.

Police must realize that the badge does not give the power of life and death over the general populace.  The administration needs to set strict laws involving the killing of innocents.  In the Fruitville Station killing, the officer who killed Oscar Grant served only 11 months in prison.  Is this fair?  Obviously our system of justice is rigged towards protecting the officers who work for them and not the public.  So change must be worked for within the system and the outside of the system.

So here we are, great America.  Land of the free, equal and proud.  But we are not perfect, issues of race and equality still have a place in national conversations and we the people must never forget that we must speak up and be heard.  We must cite the injustices and we must work diligently to become the great nation that was idealized by four great men in 1776.  These men were inspired by an even greater nation, one that we will eventually become and surpass, that nation was ATLANTIS.



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