As the world grows, so do we here  Through the years, we have struggled to find our footing on the internet and develop our philosophical roots.  Now we are coming to fruition.


What is our message?  That we all have a responsibility to manage our growth here on earth.  By doing this we build our spiritual body.

Is there a God?  Yes, but he is not what you have been taught to believe.

Are there Aliens?  Yes, they are simply our universal brothers and sisters.

Is there a Soul?  Yes.  It is on a “mission” and continues to “work” after this life has ended.

Is there life after death?  Yes.  There are many worlds beyond the physical.  Each has it’s own composition that in turn bears fruit to life that is appropriate to that particular dimension.


Our ascension process here at involves spirit ascending from matter.  Spirit is composed of emotion and mind, so we start our process by mastering them both first.


Welcome to, where the future is now.







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