Sunday, long considered to be a sacred day, has special significance for everyone here on Earth.  From time beginning, Sunday has been reserved for spiritual matters and reflections upon the soul of man.  Church is held on Sunday.  The Sun, or closet star is symbolically and astrologically linked to Sunday.  It seems our society places different qualities on different days, and generally Sunday is the day where man seeks union with his creator or the Universe.

But what about today?  Is Sunday still relevant to spiritual matters?  Scandal in the church has led many to seek alternative views of the Universe, resulting in a decline of the general church-attending population.  What follows is generally a mix of philosophy from “New-Age” books, internet-inspired logic, and a twisted or perverted sense of self-righteousness that cannot be verified or nullified.  Indeed, the average individual lives in a “grey” area of consciousness that is filled with contradictions, illusions, and ego-driven drives.

So the real question here is:  What does Sunday mean to you?

Do you confess your “sins” on Sunday?  Do you think of “God” on Sundays.  Do you clean your house on Sundays?  What special significance does Sunday have to you?

Consider this, typically religion has coined the word “sin” to declare an action, behavior, or thought undesirable or destructive to the moral or religious principles that a person may hold dear.  Some religions confess their sins to another, some religions have a list of sins to avoid.  The theme remains constant whatever the interpretation.  The theme is: avoid sins because they “set the soul back”.

So here we are, with Sins and Sundays on our minds’ now.  What are we to do with these two concepts?  Let’s merge them.

I, Luci, propose that you do not sin on Sundays.  Simple right?  Impossible?  Surely you can go one single day without sinning, can’t you?

Try it.  In doing so, you will see your ‘demons’.  Face them.  Conquer them.  But only by going into battle can you “Know thyself”.  This is the true meaning of that popular slogan.  You must know and identify your weaknesses to overcome them.

Do you hear me?  Yes of course you do, but you have been hearing similar statements throughout your life.  Affirmations urging you to ‘do better’ or ‘conquer your fears’.  The problem here is that these are intellectual arguments.  Intellectual arguments mean nothing to the Soul.  One must “feel’ for the Soul.  Thinking may point the way, but feeling will walk the path.

So I propose for you to really feel and imagine what it would be like to not sin for a whole day.  How would you feel?  This is a cleansing process, a way to identify yourself.  You will try many times and fail, but then you will succeed.  When you succeed, take note of how you FEEL the next morning.  Use this experience as a reference point or motivational framework for fuel for your next inner crises.

You may ask, what is the point of all this?  Why struggle against yourself? Why?  We have been taught that to “be human” is to Sin.  That is our determining characteristic of our race it seems, the ability to err.  But can we overcome this “ignorance” of the mind, the part of the mind that allows sins’ to happen unchecked.  Many holy men have said that once they overcome the ego, that a new “reality” opens up to them.  What can this possibly mean?

Our Universe is intelligent and is composed of many forces beyond or limited nature or understanding.  Mystics say, that once the mind is cleansed, that the mind can then perceive the subtle vibrations of the Universe.  And this is the goal of LuciLight.com, to merge with Source, the Universe, God, the God within U, your soul.  Only by practicing such spiritual techniques such as thought-watching and bodily control can the ego be overcome to finally see the grandness of the design of the Universe.

Spiritual Sundays will be your ladder to such ascents.  Begin with this sacred day to cleanse your mind, overcome your sins led by unstable emotions, and to remember why U are partaking in such a painful process.  U realize, and see the wisdom in overcoming the self, and U know that only by overcoming the self can the Universe be heard and listened to.

Eventually, U can and will carry this “no-sin” attitude to other days of the week.  It then becomes your goal to never sin, and U practice this concept; to be good, holy, and compassionate, knowing that these virtues will lead U to source eventually.  This is the purpose of “No Sin Sundays.”





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