What is the #METOO movement?   The #METOO movement is a backlash, a wave of feelings of experiences from the past that has found new footing in a vibrant present.  Women from all over the western world have come forward to confess a chilling memory with some of the world’s most powerful men.  These incidents have the power to dethrone kings of industry and to propel others into stardom.

Since 2012, energies have come into our plane of existence that are speeding up the merging of society, but before society can be merged, it must be purged.  This is happening through a matrix of technology, social awareness, A.I, and human/moral development.  There is a direct correlation between image-technology, social awareness, and human empathy.  This awareness reaches into realms of human existence and now this energy/force is having its’ turn in this new re-emergence of women’s rights.

Throughout current history, the image and protection of the woman has consistently been forced to rise to an equal footing of the image of the man.  In years past, men paid only a small fine for the murder of their spouses, a practice that still subliminally goes on today in the current Justice System.  Later, women fought for equal voting rights, which eventually became a reality.  Historically speaking, women have just now entered the work force, and this is where the #METOO sprang its’ roots into the deeply masochistic workforce culture of current times.

It began slowly at first, an accusation here, another there.  Suddenly headlines of this subject began to dominate the mainstream media.  But really where is all this coming from?  Why is their a backlash? What is really going on?

The jest of it is this; men in the workplace abuse their role of power in dealings with women in order to have sensual or sexual interactions or occurrences to become ‘normalized’ in the current workplace.  A boss may require a female employee to ‘dress more casual’, or he may give an ‘extended hug’.  Some may say these are harmless occurrences, and that, “That is just the way it is”.  But due to the hyper-sensitive energies of the 2012 energy portal or wave, modern culture is being placed under a magnifying glass and being forced to uproot all evil intent or abuse of power.  This is what is happening now.

The #METOO cases start with the dress code of the work force but end with occurrences of foul-play and rape.  The workplace is place of productivity.  Although men have quicker arousal times than women and some women may try to use their sexual powers to ‘climb the ladder’, this is no excuse for men being allowed to act unprofessionally in the workplace.  In the workplace, all minds should be focused on company’s goals.  This is why fraternizing in the workplace is forbidden, because the sexual energy is a distraction that should be consciously repressed in the workplace.  This paves the way for respectful behavior from men to the women.

Women are not to be objectified, especially in the workplace.  Men are not to use a job position as leverage in dealing with women.  Silicon Valley has even written about this.  Full blown sex/work parties, where the fallout for the women is loss respect as a worker and even demotions.  The women were saying “Hey, guys learn to separate your work life from your business life.  And if we women do decide to hook-up, it should not be held against us in the work place, and most importantly, we have the option of declining or advancing affairs outside of the workplace with male colleagues without and adverse effects”.

As a natural respect, women should be allowed to come into the workplace without any advancement from men.  Men should work to consciously be aware of a women’s rights in the work place and also avoid any fraternizing.  Men should be conditioned or incentivized to seek relationships outside of the current workplace.  Many jobs were lost because a male boss sexual advancements was rejected by an female employee.  This is not just.  And it cost the company and the employee harm.

Our current culture has normalized fraternized behavior in the workplace.  This is simply another version of the oppression of women that has consistently occurred throughout society.  Our society must continue to work to repel, contain, and expunge this monstrous evil of human society.

As we move through the Aquarius Age, different issues will consistently pop onto the news’ world radar.  It is up to the human race to aggressively seek to diagnose, treat, and prevent such issues.





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