LuciLight, Year 1 has been on the Web for about 2 years now. It is growing rapidly. The Light shines brighter with the more perspectives/people it shines through. Because of this, will release all of its ́ writings from its ́ inception on the Web in the form of an ebook. This ebook will come with a small forward and epilogue and include all the posts from in chronological order. Hopefully, people will print these writings and circulate them to others. Hopefully, by having a hard copy of this knowledge of different perspectives, it will help people access this information more readily.

Know that all donations and book sales will go toward the spreading of the Light. A newsletter, books, and an online community are coming. To all who have been here, I say unto to U, the Light within U knows many things that U do not. It guides U, when u let it, to other places so U can experience the necessary growth. is 1 of those places. Here, your Light connects to an old friend, and recognizes this familiarity. As such, this begins a rapport that gives U strength for your Journey. Know that this is no accident.

To all the Lightbringers I say to U, let Us move forward in changing the world by changing ourselves. Let us accept this responsibility as inherit and let Us Love it, for Love is the highest form of admiration and respect. It is pass desire, yearning, or wanting, it is becoming outside yourself because of another energy in your presence. But now, let us be the energy that we reflect from and get lost in. Let us love the Light, the Light that is within us.

Ready? Hold Fast and PUSH full stead ahead!



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