Evolve or Die.

This entire world is a huge jungle. Survival of the fittest still applies here. People forget that we are barely over the edge of becoming conscious humans beings and that many of us still act like animals most of the time, being guided precepts and feelings rather that concepts and reason.

Remember this: Remember that the purpose of Life in the Universe is growth. The Universe wants to explore and be everything. U are part of that evolution. Nature takes everything and learns from it. All of our mistakes, all of our killings, nature remembers. Nature uses this to build and grow. Nothing stops evolution. But remember, U are Nature. U are directly connected to the Life-Force/Energy that is working on becoming more than it is. Remember your mind is part of Nature, your thoughts. Use these tools to evolve. Use these tools to analyze, create, build, grow, feel, and remember.

Today, we have 3 choices: Live Life as only a passing dream, to be forgotten, live Life as something to be built, and used by future generations, or live Life in this age, and reach for biological immortality.

U choose. For Nature will still make the most of your energy.




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