Charlottesville, America, and Racism.

On August 12th, 2017, history was made in Charlottesville, Virginia.  On that fateful day, a woman was killed by a car that was driven by another citizen who was a male.  Both the victim and criminal were attending protests that were fueled by the removal of confederate statues throughout the city of Virginia.  One side agreed with the city and its’ removal of the Civil War memorabilia and the other side vehemently opposed the removal of the cities’ history.

What does all this mean?  Who is right here? What is really going on?

America was founded on slavery and racism, this is a fact.  As America progresses into the future, She is constantly reaching.  Her ‘higher self’ demands the equal rights and protection of every human, regardless of birth color or origin.  This is the Ideal, but this is not the reality.  During the American Civil War, America was split in two.  Tremendous changes were taking place in the 1860s.  Among them, was the growing census in America that slavery was a terrible stain that should be worked to be eliminated and forgotten.  But not all Americans felt this way.

The South, in particular, was opposed to the releasing of slaves and the changes of the laws that would support such a drastic change. The South, was a collection of southern states like Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Louisiana, that would use all of their available resources to fight the rest of the country.  Their symbol was the confederate flag and their war produced many ‘heroes’ according to their viewpoint in history.

Once slavery was finally abolished in the 1865, these same men who had fought so hard for what they believed in and lost, suddenly knew that they still had to and could maintain control over the black population.  Just as surely as literature was used as a catalyst to change the ideas about slavery for the better, now media, laws, and propaganda worked to the change the ideas about the Blacks for the worst.  Society still found a way to subvert their faithful servants.  Jim Crow laws were enforced. Education was denied and murder was rampant.  During this stage of society, mainly between 1880-1950, statues, flags, and other ‘reminders’ of the Civil War were spread throughout the United States.  To some people, these ‘symbols’ represent the values of what they fought so hard for and lost: Freedom, Independence, and Slavery.

And now, here WE are.  Virginia is also where the first Dutch settlers came.  They built their first colonies with slave labor provided by the British and themselves.  Now someone is dead because of these beliefs; The belief that another should be treated differently because of color or birthright.  America was founded on the principles that would strip all humans of any false glory, false stature, or false ambition.  Every human had to earn their way in the world unlike the British who were born into ‘higher’ relations with other humans.

But as America grew, She developed an elite class of her own.  Some were good, and some were not so good, just like the Civil War.  Some of the people began to fight to have other races undermined simply because of their race.  All of a sudden, America finds itself in the same predicament it was in with the British; the fight for equal rights, regardless of birth or color, race, or origin.  This is the war that is happening now.  The same war pushed by the same motives and feelings that led to the death of thousands in the Civil War is happening again at a smaller scale.  America is bleeding…

America understands the power of symbols.  She uses them in all She does.  Now She moves to remove certain tattoos from Her skin so She can face the future with just a little more thought, compassion, and discipline. She is trying to follow her ‘higher self’.  This is her journey.  Of course, her ‘lower self’ will fight and scream, but this ‘lower’ energy is the very force she uses to Ascend.

Moving forward, Some of America is still not clear why Racism is harmful to everyone on Earth.  Let this be an opportunity for growth and reflection.  This world we live on is composed of animals, land and water, and humans.  Humans bring forth this heaven on earth we live in now.  Humans create the ideas, build the buildings, and govern the cities.  Humans plan, love, create, and give.  This human spirit is given to ALL humans on earth, with the same capacities, but this spirit has to be nurtured.  The environment is key here.  Provided the right environment, practically, anyone can be an example of an outstanding American citizen.  Knowing this knowledge, America must work to provide the moral framework of its’ citizens.  The tools of media SHOULD be used not just for the corporations to sell products, but for the ‘moral brainwashing’ of America. Citizens should be the proud products of a supporting government, but to deny even one child justice, help, or compassion because of Racism is evil.  Such actions perpetuate ‘the darkness’ of Life and cloud the Spirit from shining forth in all children.  For it is this very child that can help.  The child has the potential to change the world if we support the good and eliminate the bad.  This, all must remember moving forward into the future.  We are all 1.  We are all Love.  We are






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