April 1st, the NEW YEAR for US.

Holidays are thought rituals.  Each year a certain day comes along and reminds us all to practice a certain set of values.  On Christmas, we give., on Halloween, we celebrate the coming fall, and on Easter we remember the resurrection of the Christ.

Today, I, Luci, hereby proclaim April 1st as the start of the New Year for the bearers of the Light.  Why April 1st?  Because it is the first month after winter and the start of the blooming of the Sun for the coming year.  Let us start each Spring off with new insights into the year.

Each April, write down your yearly goals for the year.  The next year, repeat.  Use this as conscious gauge for you life.  These goals are not like the traditional ‘resolutions’, but perhaps, rather they are tunnels for your thought and action.  These goals will determine what you think about the next year, and where you focus your actions.  As winter approaches, know that the year is coming to an end and a new set of goals must already be in your mind for the next year.

Remember, each day can bring you closer or farther away from your destination, the choice is mostly up to U.




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