Aliens speak (Video).

Do you believe in Aliens?  Look around you, something is going on.  Humans at this time on planet Earth, have been conditioned to the point that they will only believe what is “officially” disclosed on the major media networks.  But it is obvious now, even though the governments cannot officially disclose, they are all saying, “Look at the evidence yourself and don’t be an idiot.”

Governments have been heavily working to condition the human mind to alien existence ever since the 1936 fake alien broadcast.  Governments are unsure of the stability of the human mind, and are nervous about humans not producing, or working if alien existence is officially unveiled.

So I Luci, ask U, are you ready?

Do you believe?

Lastly, this alien speaks of the inner voices inherent within each individual.  It is of no coincidence that has spoken of this “voice” and works diligently to nurture it and amplify it.



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