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In today’s Society, we too often look at people as objects and carry little regard of THEIR perspective. However, you must realize, that that very same person is also looking at you and has no regard for your perspective. So what do we end up with? That’s right, you guessed it-A disconnected Society. And what’s wrong with a disconnected society? A disconnected society does not realize the truth that we are all living the same being, we have the same essence. What we choose to do with that essence defines us.
The truth is we were trained this way to think by our masters. To have biases and prejudices towards other people. They want us to fight. After all, if we are fighting within as a society, we can never gather ourselves to unite for any cause. Divide and Conquer. When we all learn that we are all the same being with different perspectives, perhaps we will be more lenient towards our peers and strangers. Only then will we make true progress as a race toward spiritual understanding.


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