The Universe Within.

Many people have heard of the phrase “The Universe is within you.”, or “Everything is within.”  Upon hearing this, a natural-rational reaction occurs within the individual that immediately rejects this ‘meme’ or phrase in society.  “How can the Universe be within me, this make no sense.”, one naturally thinks.  But let us take a closer look.

One experiences the reality through the five senses.  And through these senses, sensations are formed, and from these sensations come feelings and thoughts.  So from this logic, we can easily conclude that our world is experienced subjectively through an internal processing system that converts the outer world into forms we can understand via feelings, thoughts, and touch, sight, smell, hearing, and tasting.

For instance, when we eat something good, a sensation that is experienced through the feeling taste, we feel a sensation of warmth and this may induce certain thought patterns that uplift us.  Or when we see a beautiful scenery for a moment, we stop thinking and let the scene capture us completely resulting in us stopping our thought process and thus we allow a more subtle form of energy to enter and refresh us.  What is this?  Chemistry or Alchemy?

This is a type of chemistry.  But the major question of human existence is do we just react or are we just reactions bouncing from each other, or can we have the power to become the ‘First Cause’ in a chain of events or chemicals.  Can we become spiritual/energetic alchemists?

The answer is yes we can become the First Cause.  We humans, now have the power to determine our state of mind.  But isn’t the mind synonymous to the Universe?  Yes it is.  So if we control the mind we control the Universe?  Yes and No.

We only control ‘our’ part of our Universe.  We each create a separate reality around us composed of energy fields, thought-forms, magnetic attractions, energetic projections and relationships.  But the key is, that we each have the power to control our mind thus Universe.  How is this possible you may ask.

For instance, you may decide to run an errand, normally you would begin your task and think nothing of the thoughts that enter your mind or the energy patterns that you may be sending out.  But what if U consciously decided to send blessings to everyone that you seen while running your errand, and you decided that you would think about sending ‘Light’ out to the whole world as your basis for thought.  How would this effect U?

For starters, you will be an influence to others, but a positive influence.  Second, negative thoughts from others or yourself will not be able to enter your ‘atmosphere’.  Third, you yourself initiated this chain of energy and emotions, you were the cause.  Fourth, you have just created a karma force for good that will be attracted back to you.  This is how the Universe operates.  Through subtle laws that are not understood today.  We, for the most part, are in the Stone-Age of spiritual and energetic understanding.

So how does all this relate to the Universe being within you?  Think about it.  We experience the world around us through, emotions and thoughts.  So what is to stop you from creating your own emotions and feelings.  Feelings of grandeur.  Emotions of positivity.  What is stopping U?  Create.  Become.  Achieve.  Be.  Conjure.  Control.  Help. Support.  Become y0ur own Universe.  Create an awesome feeling and ride the energy of that emotional wave.  Be beautiful, not for your sake, but for the sake of others.

So you see now right?  Our Universe is composed of emotions and feelings to us humans.  That is our power-level that we have evolved into right now, and it is a bridge to the next level.  When we create these ‘energetic/emotional/vibrant’ waves, the intelligent Universe gathers around this energy.  It builds around it.  So why wait to be happy? Simply jump to a happy vibration and the Universe will take care of the rest.

In conclusion, if reality is composed of internal symbols, and we as humans have the power to create these symbols, it is indeed true and simple:  The Universe is definitely within U.




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