Many Gods, 1 source.

Throughout history, man has worshiped God in many forms.  As a result several religions have formed.  So man is split into different factions, and they worship God with their specific sensibilities.

Everything is changing now.  Many wars have been fought through religions being used as tool of persuasion in the hearts of many.  Religions have been abused by their interpreters.  Now, many people laugh at the idea of a serious religion and worship.  Religion has garnered a bad name.

Let’s start over.  We need some standards first.  Let us come to realize that all religions are talking about the GOD within, the struggle within, and the heaven and hell within.  Next religion is a deeply personal matter, to each his own, but we must realize they all come from the same Source and will return to Source, so their is no need to be prejudice against another religion.  Last, religion is useful.  It does have it’s benefits, but religion can be deadly with the wrong understandings.

It is through spiritual strength that we change.  This is where our power comes from.  We can use religion to grow within, to build an impenetrable fortress to all negative energies from the outside world, but we must realize the value of religion.  Religion is all about building the Kingdom within.  Mastering one’s self.  The Muslims pray 5 times a day, and as a result, they are centered several times daily.  This gives them the time to think about what the spiritual self wants; this is a great virtue.  Jesus was a well-read sage who preached of the Kingdom of God.  He was referring to the inner “Kingdom”.  His main message was that you must clean yourself within of all sins, even in heart, and then you will reach “Heaven”.  This is an ancient thought that started with the “Old Religion.”  Buddha sat under a tree before gaining his enlightenment.  Buddha was privileged as a youth and begin to wonder of the virtue of all things, and he found that material consumption was a dead-end.  What did his enlightenment tell him?  He found that there was an eternal light shining within, and that all we had to do is clean out the garbage inside of us.  It is OK to have desires, but do not let the desires have U.  Before him, there was Krishna, and then Hermes.  The list goes on and on.

Each prophet has brought a gem of “source” from the other side, but it is all the same, all puzzle pieces in the great road of understanding human evolution.


To sum up, we are eternal, and death is but a mere sleep to some, and can be escaped by others.

All religions are talking about different aspects of source.  We,, will use all the religions to gain an understanding into divine-self.

We are Great Beings.  We have several layers.  We are not just a combination of actions and reactions.  We have a physical, mental, and spiritual reality, but yet we still extend even further then we can imagine with our energy fields, thought-forms, and astral travels.  We need discover our true potential in every aspect and then reach for it.

We must free ourselves from ourselves.  Only then can we begin to see “Heaven”.  All great scriptures hint at this fact. Some encode it, some tell it through metaphors and fables.  Use self-control to exercise your will-power.  Once sufficiently built up, use your will to conquer all of self and then finally, the world around you.


-Remember, Source is in U.







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