LightCode #2

LightCode #2

When you begin your daily cleansing, use water to wash away any negative energies, thoughts, and ideas that may be in your mind.  Once you have rinsed your body of all inconsistencies, use soap to wash.  While using the soap, visualize that the foam is creating an energy force field that repels all harmful energies that may come into contact with you during your next 24 hours.  Finally, wash away this ‘force-field’ with water, but this time, you visualize yourself as totally cleansed, purified, and ready to accept the challenges for the coming day.  Finish by thoroughly scrubbing your skin with a yellow towel, used only by U.


Water is magical.  It is where life started and we, humans, are mainly composed of water.  In baptisms, the preacher, ‘blesses’ the water.  It is this blessing of the water, that transforms the ordinary water, into a real energetic force with intent.  This is what we do in LightCode #2, we form a link between our minds and the water, thereby transforming it into a living, powerful force.  This is not hearsay.  Many cases demonstrate ample evidence that support the fact that thoughts carry waves of electromagnetism, and that they can influence physical objects and reality when focused.

As we continue, we wash our body with soap and then rinse again.  Here, we are charging the entire process of bathing into a short ritual.  This ‘charging’ affects our brain-energy states throughout the day and ‘sets up’ the initial emotional connection to reality for the rest of the day.  We are consciously directing our bathing to give our mind a bath or shower also.

The last step of this ritual is drying off.  1 should dry off vigorously in order to remove dead skin cells and stubborn energetic thought-forms.  A yellow towel is used because it is the color of the mind.  1 can gain many magical sensitivities by working with the color yellow.  And obviously, if another person uses the towel, its’ magical effects will be diminished by having contact with another energy field.






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