LightCode #1

LightCode– A spiritual technique that should be used daily in order to achieve a clear feeling and conceptualization of the light.


LightCode #1

Upon arising in the mourning, kneel to the east and bow, while joining your hands to form a triangle.  While bowing, place your nose in the center of your triangle and say, “The Light is within.”, four times.



The sun arises in the East.  This represents the beginning.  The triangle formed in the hands, represents the universe.  The nose in the middle of the triangle represents yourself as a divine being having a spiritual experience in a physical body.  The mantra, “The Light is within.” is used as a conscious catalyst for the Light to arise within the individual.  This mantra is then repeated three more times in order to solidify the light.

Once the Light is ‘solidified’, one then gives thanks to the creator, and calls to the mighty “I AM PRESENCE” to fill one’s body for the remainder of the day.




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