Energy Conversion

Ever hear of photosynthesis?  It is the process transforming energy, specifically, light energy into another form of energy.  It is by this process that the vegetative kingdom primarily grows.  What about the human kingdom?  How do we convert our energies?

We humans exist upon many levels.  The mental, emotional, and physical levels form our primary levels of existence and all of their energy levels can be converted into one another.  For instance, food energy, can become mental energy, or mental energy may become physical energy.  U see?

Here, it is not important where our energy comes from or how we convert it.  What we are concerned with here is the efficiency of energy conversion.  In other words,  what do we do with our energy?

Our bodies use energy for food, and society as a body, uses our energy also, as societal foods through goods and services.  But, how effective have we become at energy conversion?

This question has come up recently in world discussion.  Are we efficient enough?  If at the end of the day, all we do is work, play, and pay bills, how does that effect future generations?  In other words what are we doing to invest in the future?  How can our future ‘profit’?

This problem exist at all levels, personal and worldly.  Personally, profit, or energy efficiency can be measured by the goals achieved or money saved, since money is simply a form of potential energy.  On a world level, profit can be achieved by measuring the negative and positive effects the current generation has on future generations and the world itself.  For instance, if we are polluting the world today and not planning to build new energy structures for future generations, then we are being irresponsible and also we are not converting our ‘wordly’ energy constructively.

Get it?  Energy can be used in many ways.  In religion, it is taboo to use energy for selfish means.  Why is this so?  Well, sometimes, when energy is used selfishly, its’ ripple effect ceases.  Meaning, no one, expect the user, benefits from this energy, which is now an expense.

Now imagine if Nature thought the same way as humans; we would all be dead.  Nature operates as a collective, meaning, learning from one species, affects and benefits other species.  This is Nature’s blueprint; to use energy effectively and for the ‘community’.

We must keep this in mind as we travel into the New World.  Our energy has a price on it.  It is an asset.  Furthermore, Energy can be applied for short-term selfish advantages, or long-term altruistic improvements.

Now that you mind is focused on energy, how will U use it?



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