As above, so below…

As above, so below…

Have you heard that saying before?  Do you know what it means?

This saying is originally credited to an ancient philosopher/diety.  In the general sense, it means that everything that exists outside of us, also exists within us.  All of the forces of Nature that work in the outer world also work within Us as well.

Here at we take concepts a little deeper.  And hence, we will do so with this one.

Reincarnation exists.  Meaning our energy goes on once it leaves this physical world, only to be ‘reincarnated’ again into a particular level of existence, in which it learns more ‘lessons’ in order to ultimately ascend to heavenly heights of awareness and being.  This is the journey all energy forms are on.  Each ‘life’ reflects past deeds, habits, and talents of previous incarnations, and it is this perfect ‘mix’ which allows the soul or energy to assimilate new forms and thus grow.

As so our soul goes on through eternity learning and growing for a time which seems to be forever.  But as we have stated before, as above so below.  As the soul goes through its’ ‘cycles’ it grows throughout time.  This growth cycle is also repeated every time we fall asleep.

Sleep is symbolic of death.  In sleep we gather and organize the percepts and information received the previous day.  The next day, we arise with a new reserve of energy in order to pursue or goals on this level of existence.  This new day is equivalent to a lifetime, hence, as above so below.

Yes, each new day, can be looked at as lifetime,  in which you learn and grow.  And when you go to sleep this can be looked on as death.  This process is repeated over and over again in order stimulate grow in the being of a human.

What we are saying here at is to view each day as lifetime within itself.  Think of an average life.  We are born first.  In this state we are mainly curious about our environment.  Next, we mature and begin to develop our conscious facilities.  After that we begin to employ these facilities in order to serve or fellow man.  This stage is followed by an intellectual stage of philosophy and the paying of several ‘karma’ debts we may have gained during our lifetime.  Finally, we accept the world, and our fate, and this is followed by a feeling of divine peace before we are leave this realm and continue our journey.

Does not the day, follow the same process?  When we first awake, we are mainly focused on percepts, and are blessed with a refreshing state of mind and ample energy.  Next we take to gathering our thoughts, and previous experience, in order that we may learn from them.  We then go to work, where we serve our fellow man.  This is followed by coming home and relaxing.  This may be analogous to balancing the energy scale of the day.  The day finally comes to an end when all the energy is spent and man has accepted his fate of sleep.

Is a day not similar to a lifetime,  and more importantly, is a lifetime not similar to the birthing, and re-birthing of our soul?  Let us call this The Breath of the Soul, where the soul reincarnates many times in order to achieve ascension.

So you see now?  A day is the same as a lifetime, and a lifetime is the same as a soul-life.  As above, so below…

We need to see each day as a birthing place for new knowledge and growth.  Yes we may learn from our past days, but we need to be careful of how we let our past determine our future, while also being aware that we are creating our future now through our actions, thoughts, and feelings.

We need to treat each new day as a new lifetime.  For we are truly given another chance each day we arise.

As above, so below…




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