Energy Conversion

Ever hear of photosynthesis?  It is the process transforming energy, specifically, light energy into another form of energy.  It is by this process that the vegetative kingdom primarily grows. ...
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U are the stone before the ripple.

The Butterfly Effect.

A stone is thrown into a pond, producing ripples, expanding in every direction.  These ripples affect all life within the lake, creating food, substance, and activity for some, and robbing others...
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As the world grows, so do we here  Through the years, we have struggled to find our footing on the internet and develop our philosophical roots.  Now we are coming to fruition.   What...
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The year is 2080.  Humans have achieved interplanetary travel and population.  We already have dome-cities on the moon and mars, and we are on the brink of a new stage in space travel.  For the...
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Discover Source on Facebook.

Hello all.  We would like to inform you that the most recent posts of can be seen on Facebook.  The address is:   We will use both of the...
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With great power comes great responsibility. This is a quote from the popular super-hero series titled Spider-Man. In this story a young teenager gains super-human powers from an accident, or will...
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Remember, this is a Journey.

Do not get stuck in the moment, day, week, or month. Everything changes. Too often people feel anchored to their situation and this creates a limited view. One of the last great arts, Alchemy,...
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The Russian Federation is worldwide. We have readers in every major country. I, Luci, would like to commend the Russian Federation. They are growing rapidly in readers and they are on par with the United...
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Discipline shall free U forever.

In being sentient conscious being, humans have a choice about the myriad of actions that they can choose to set forth. Mostly everyone knows on one level or another exactly what needs to be done,...
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The Internet-Today’s Oracle

Long ago, their existed beings who were called Oracles. They had the power to tell of likely things to happen in the future or to discover something from the past. The mystics say that underneath...
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