Eyewitness to E.T civilization at Area 54 (Video)

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U are the stone before the ripple.

The Butterfly Effect.

A stone is thrown into a pond, producing ripples, expanding in every direction.  These ripples affect all life within the lake, creating food, substance, and activity for some, and robbing others...
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Limitless-The Movie

Recently, there was a movie that came out titled Limitless. In this movie, the main character discovers a pill that gives him super human powers. No, these powers are not like Superman, but more...
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Be the Sea.

Be like the Sea

U must be like the Sea, forever changing and absorbing everything, but yet, not affected by anything. All too often, we react too emotionally to people and events, this emotion in turn clouds our...
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You are a program, a combination of instructions and reactions put into you by your society. In this program, everything is automated. In order to become aware, U must learn to disconnect from your...
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In today’s Society, we too often look at people as objects and carry little regard of THEIR perspective. However, you must realize, that that very same person is also looking at you and has no...
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