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Many Gods, 1 source.

Throughout history, man has worshiped God in many forms.  As a result several religions have formed.  So man is split into different factions, and they worship God with their specific sensibilities. Everything...
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The Reason.

What is the reason that we exist as human beings?  This question has been pondered by many, but only answered by few.  Your answer to this question may determine your entire life. Humans have the...
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Discover Source

LuciLight.com on Facebook.

Hello all.  We would like to inform you that the most recent posts of LuciLight.com can be seen on Facebook.  The address is:  https://www.facebook.com/lightofluci   We will use both of the...
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With great power comes great responsibility. This is a quote from the popular super-hero series titled Spider-Man. In this story a young teenager gains super-human powers from an accident, or will...
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Remember, this is a Journey.

Do not get stuck in the moment, day, week, or month. Everything changes. Too often people feel anchored to their situation and this creates a limited view. One of the last great arts, Alchemy,...
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Discipline shall free U forever.

In being sentient conscious being, humans have a choice about the myriad of actions that they can choose to set forth. Mostly everyone knows on one level or another exactly what needs to be done,...
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The Internet-Today’s Oracle

Long ago, their existed beings who were called Oracles. They had the power to tell of likely things to happen in the future or to discover something from the past. The mystics say that underneath...
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Limitless-The Movie

Recently, there was a movie that came out titled Limitless. In this movie, the main character discovers a pill that gives him super human powers. No, these powers are not like Superman, but more...
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Strive to the Light.

Striving is the essential quality.

1 must always accept the responsibility that 1 is never done growing. A spiritual insight should be matched with reasonable action that accounts for the responsibility of that insight. All too...
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Life and Death

Remember, U must die b4 U can live.

This theme is implicitly embedded in our legends and myths, the stories that tell us about ourselves, our history, and help to guide us. What is meant by this is a totally new perspective must...
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