The Universe

The Universe Within.

Many people have heard of the phrase “The Universe is within you.”, or “Everything is within.”  Upon hearing this, a natural-rational reaction occurs within the individual...
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Change your paradigm (Video) is a symbol, a model, a paradigm.  We challenge U to re-think what U were taught, and to think about all the possibilities.  
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Informative Brain Video.

Quantum Brain (Video)

Out most important discovery in the past 100 years is that scientists proved the brain, thoughts, and energy effect our outside world directly.  
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Fish Bowl Theory

The Fishbowl Theory.

We think we know it all.  But a quick look at scientific fact reveals that our body only “picks up” about five percent of external reality due to its’ limited senses.  One could...
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LightCode #2

LightCode #2

LightCode #2 When you begin your daily cleansing, use water to wash away any negative energies, thoughts, and ideas that may be in your mind.  Once you have rinsed your body of all inconsistencies,...
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LightCode #1

LightCode #1

LightCode– A spiritual technique that should be used daily in order to achieve a clear feeling and conceptualization of the light.   LightCode #1 Upon arising in the mourning, kneel to the...
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As above, so below…

As above, so below… Have you heard that saying before?  Do you know what it means? This saying is originally credited to an ancient philosopher/diety.  In the general sense, it means that everything...
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Energy Conversion

Ever hear of photosynthesis?  It is the process transforming energy, specifically, light energy into another form of energy.  It is by this process that the vegetative kingdom primarily grows. ...
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U are the stone before the ripple.

The Butterfly Effect.

A stone is thrown into a pond, producing ripples, expanding in every direction.  These ripples affect all life within the lake, creating food, substance, and activity for some, and robbing others...
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