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LL candle flame

Many Gods, 1 source.

Throughout history, man has worshiped God in many forms.  As a result several religions have formed.  So man is split into different factions, and they worship God with their specific sensibilities. Everything...
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The Reason.

What is the reason that we exist as human beings?  This question has been pondered by many, but only answered by few.  Your answer to this question may determine your entire life. Humans have the ability...
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Discover Source

LuciLight.com on Facebook.

Hello all.  We would like to inform you that the most recent posts of LuciLight.com can be seen on Facebook.  The address is:  https://www.facebook.com/becometheLIGHT   We will use both of the...
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LuciLight.com is Back!

Hello world.  We are back now with a new style. =). -Luci
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