“Don’t forget to breathe.” -Luci
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How to open a Stargate! (Video)

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Time Travel and Teleportation? Andrew Basiago speaks

According to Andrew Basiago, he is a really a time traveler.  He claims as a child in the 60’s, he was chosen for a series of projects by the government for time travel.  This technology was developed...
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Sunday, long considered to be a sacred day, has special significance for everyone here on Earth.  From time beginning, Sunday has been reserved for spiritual matters and reflections upon the soul of man. ...
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Change your paradigm (Video) is a symbol, a model, a paradigm.  We challenge U to re-think what U were taught, and to think about all the possibilities.  
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Aliens speak (Video).

Do you believe in Aliens?  Look around you, something is going on.  Humans at this time on planet Earth, have been conditioned to the point that they will only believe what is “officially”...
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Psychic tells the future. (Video)

He was wrong about us vanishing, but he was right about the President. Many psychics report of this “block” he speaks about after 2012.  This is probably due to us moving through “higher”...
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Know who you are. (Video)

Because of the internet and social media, the spread of a higher level of consciousness is and will spread exponentially.
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Aging? (Video)

How will human consciousness react and adapt to more time in the human lifespan?
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Informative Brain Video.

Quantum Brain (Video)

Out most important discovery in the past 100 years is that scientists proved the brain, thoughts, and energy effect our outside world directly.  
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